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At the dinner table, our parent’s one request, Connie sat hunchback and tight-lipped, growling at the bread rolls, squinting at the glasses of lemonade, and rearranging the silverware into an X. No one queried her thoughts or asked for an opinion. But I could hear her—screaming—smoothness, you stupid mother fuckers, is meant for those who haven’t yet been sliced apart.                
—The Seconds after Living Wounds

Siren Stitches is a 300-page, 55,000-word literary fiction short-story collection grounded in contemporary middle class American (and global) life revealed in lucid tones of melancholy, grit, poetry, and surprising wonder.

A married couple uses the internet to discover the highs and lows of marriage. Marla struggles to sell her dead teenage son’s Audi. A nine-year old Bohra Girl from India has no control of a burgeoning body predetermined to suffer by other people’s hands. A family riddled with secrets and lies loses everything, and then a little more. A thirty-something woman can’t stop the inner voices. A little boy goes to great lengths to engender a father figure. Brothers take comfort in each other’s demise. Braden comes home for Thanksgiving from college and finds an unexpected distraction from familial angst and ruination. Gender is confronted on a death bed and adoption is revealed by an old man in a booth at Perkin’s.

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bereft and the same sex heart

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Bloodwork is a literary short-story fiction collection, grounded in contemporary middle class American life and revealed in lucid tones of melancholy, poetry, and surprising wonder.

Harold buys a framed photograph of a lighthouse, unintentionally undermining the foundation his wife, Hannah, has come to expect. Implication explodes into battle for one man waiting for an HIV test result, as it does for five girls talking boys, nicknames, and sex at a slumber party. What’s forbidden and out of reach comes into plain sight when Lanny decides to climb the farmyard silo. A male bulimic catches his reflection in a toilet bowl and begins to question the idea of recovery. A mother and daughter, void of money, fill a grocery cart and plan their getaway. A little boy watches his father make a table for a governor. Preacher Victoria preaches until reality steals her voice.

At its heart, Bloodwork seeks to find inroads of belonging on a fitful path scattered with (dis)entanglements.