It began in the countryside where fourth generation farmers tilled the hardy soil exposed in large rectangles, outlined by poplars and jack pine.  The old Swedish and Norwegian accents could still be heard in the tinkling voices of the elder women who gathered to weave rugs by hand.  The sometimes terrifying solitude of the countryside and the beauty of a nature that would somehow spring up through a deeply frozen land profoundly formed Sam's perspective.



Samuel Cole lives in Woodbury, MN, where he finds work in special event management. He is a poet, flash fiction geek, and essayist enthusiast. His work has appeared in many literary journals, including Pure Slush, Pomona Valley Review, Dual Coast, The Paragon Journal, and Foliate Oak. He is also a prize-winning card maker and scrapbooker.


Deep in the back country where weathered faces grimaced tightly at the blistering frozen prairie, a beam of warmth would burst through the cutting wind and let us all know that summer is simply a state of mind. It was Sam.
— Wendy Louise Nog